Personalized Sound Channels

"I fell asleep listening to your mp3. Before I went to bed I had, I am not kidding you, a cyst on the right side of my mouth the size of a golf ball! When I woke up, all the swelling was gone! And I had gone from about a 6 out of 10 pain, to almost no pain at all! Thank you!" Tommy Z. 

Do you have a physical ailment that you need assistance with? Do you have an emotional tendency that you would like to release? Request a Personalized Sound Channel and Sue Divine will channel a sound session designed to get you from where you are, to where you want to be. These channels have been successfully used for everything from chronic anxiety to acute tooth pain

This is NOT your average meditation. These sound channels are specifically calibrated to YOUR vibration and YOUR situation. They may be done in the studio or they may be recorded outside in nature; this will be determined by your energy and vibrational needs. These channels usually last 6-8 minutes, and will be tailored to your specific request. There may be odd or off-tune sounds in your recording. This is all part of the channel. Overall, it will sound like a song. 

With your personalized channel, you will also receive instructions on how often to use and when. For example, "Use Daily as a morning meditation for 30 days". 



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